Call it learning or pilgrimage, but each operator must discover which is the most profitable Forex system that fits their needs.

In the end, the most profitable trading system is composed of 50% of a strategy that you understand as well as if you were its creator (although it may simply be an established strategy that you know well) being the other 50% a strategy that you can follow Consistently with patience and confidence.

Keep in mind that almost all the traders that fail, they do not because their strategies have failures, but because they do not have enough discipline!

trading system Fundamental bases of a strategy In this article, we will discuss the two major groups of trading tools in which most of the indicators that exist are classified. With luck, you will understand the tools you have available, the way in which the different groups of tools complement each other and how your most profitable Forex system could look.

Technical tools The technical analysis depends on the graphics and takes as a premise one of the postulates of the theory of Dow: the market discounted everything. Any factor that has an impact on supply or demand will be reflected in the price and therefore, as stated by the technical analysts, this will appear in the graphs.

The action of the price As we all know, the charts are composed of axes that represent time and price. The price action appears in these graphs, waiting for you to interpret it, regardless of your trading style (long-term or short-term intraday position), but it all begins with the study of the graphs and the price action in they.

The strategies based on candlestick patterns iphone for MT4 can be used in several markets and in different temporalities, besides being simple to understand. However, although these can be a solid basis for defining your strategy, they often lack precision in signaling, with variations emerging such as Heikin Ashi candle graphics.

Now that your graphs have plotted the price action, let's talk about your support structures.

The basis of trading with the action of the price lies in the observation that the market often returns to the levels where it was turned or consolidated in the past. This simply introduces the concepts of support and resistance.

The levels of support and resistance are not a strict line, but a range that can have a difference of between one and several pips, depending on the temporality in which you are working. Generally, the operators abstain from operating near these levels of supports and resistance, since they do not know with certainty if the price will rebound or if on the contrary it will break that level to continue with its current trend. One of the most common trading systems (but not necessarily the most profitable Forex system) incorporates these concepts of supports and resistance, looking for break-up operations. When a break is confirmed with a clear closing of a candle, the trader can interpret it as a sign that the market has momentum and can move in the direction of the break.


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