A Cisco Wireless LAN Design Specialist position involves maintenance of enterprise 802.11a/b standards, site surveys and configuration of controllers and Aps. They should possess a proper understanding of radio frequency and antenna theory. Other responsibilities include: • Responsibility for the contracted managed LAN/WLAN • Offer technical assistance to troubleshoot and installation of networked equipment • Recognize and asses the cause of performance breakdowns and recommend solutions • Conduct pro-active maintenance routine and submit a timely report • Play an active role in the configuration of the network equipment • Take care of the capacity and performance management • Analyze present network trouble and rectify issues that arise • Control network upgrades and enhancements • Organize preventive maintenance routine check-ups • Maintain the necessary documentation for the managed network environment • Address client network diagrams, method of procedures, business case development, statement of work, transition planning, project planning, and other related tasks • Detect and examine the source of performance breakdowns and devise innovative solutions • Take charge of network availability through continuous improvement


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